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  1. Emily says:

    We use HelpSpot in my call center to add visability to our e-mail volumne as well as utilize it as a mini CRM. It is sooo versitile!

  2. Ian Landsman says:


    Thanks for the great write up and feedback! In this day of 140 character tweets of praise it’s wonderful to see an honest to goodness proper write up :)

    As the creator of HelpSpot these kind of posts are what really keeps us going and doing what we do. Thanks so much!


    • Jon says:

      It works well, it’s priced very reasonably, it’s powerful without being terribly complicated… what is there to complain about? Would I love to see HelpSpot be able to pull info from Google Apps API – sure! Am I gonna complain that it doesn’t fit my exact specifications to the letter… naw.

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