August 7, 2014

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All Quiet on the Blog Front (again)

For those of you who might stop by semi-regularly, you’ve not seen me post in about 4 months. In fact, I’ve not regularly posted since January of this year and John has been carrying the weight. Work has “kept me out of trouble” as they say, or more correctly just been insanely busy. When I’m crazy busy at work I don’t have said time/energy to blog… which is quite unfortunate because that is the time when I have the best things to write about. If nothing else, I thought I’d mention a few of the crazy things I’ve been up to (and maybe I’ll get full posts about them later):

  • Migration to Office 365
  • I might actually like the Surface Pro 3
  • Turning ‘All Hands’ meetings into a TV Studio
  • Wirecast + Wowza + Cloudfront = Scaleable Streaming
  • Intel NUC’s for fun and profit
  • JAMF Distribution Server and the joys of Casper Suite
  • SmartSheets kicks a$$
  • All your assets are belong to Oomnitza
  • I <3 ZenDesk
  • I’m now the facilites manager too?
  • Touch-less AWS Environment
  • DIY Network Firewalls w/ pfSense
  • Private Clouds take on Public Clouds

I’m sure there’s more, but that should give you a taste of what’s been keeping me occupied. With any luck this list might slowly become actual articles.