Photoshop CC infected with a virus called “Node.exe”

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  1. Daniel Arizmendi says:

    it will be part of adobe creative cloud, but it makes no sense that I use the entire internet band to download I don’t know what and put the PC very slow

  2. Brian says:

    hahahaha this is amusing, node.js is a programming engine based on javascript. Serverside javascript, however you can use it for running applications. As far as I can tell, adobe has node.js for user created scripts, adobe created scripts, and to help other adobe products and third party applications connect.

    node.exe is just the node.js process. Not a virus, ahahahaha. go to and read more.

    • Jon says:

      Yes. I am aware of what it is. I even link to in the article. I have numerous tutorials covering code in Node. The point of this now ancient blog entry is to highlight that adobe really needs to respond and explain these type of things so as not to scare the average user. The fact that people are still commenting here years later must mean its still an issue people are googling.

  3. Charles Kafka says:

    apparently node.exe and node.js is also used as ransomware..
    if it’s in your program file it’s most likely safe,
    if it’s in your user file, chances are it’s going to be used to encrypt all your files.
    it somehow crashed a video intensive game i was running,
    so looked up what was going on..
    i hope the newer version won’t kill a game im on, especially if it’s right in an intensive part of it.

  4. michael says:

    356MB in a few hours doing nothing and who knows it could get an injection.

  5. Larry says:

    Hi All,
    Although I was able to trace this to ADOBE using process explorer, it is making a connection to an IP on the same network as wikihow. That’s the intimidating part. I contacted FASTLY on whose network NODE.EXE is connecting to. They maintain the issue is someone else’ fault.
    In any event, I deleted node.exe with no issues, and no more outside connections.

  6. Ricky says:

    its not a virus, you fucking bellend. its a part of adobe creative cloud..

    • Jon says:

      Yes. As noted I’m well aware of what it is. I write in node on a regular basis. However I found it very amusing from a “non-technical user sees a scary message” perspective.

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