August 5, 2015

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The urban garden gets eaten

It is ready!
Date Line: 2015-07-06

Our last visit to the garden was a week ago, but it was finally time. In the intervening week, there had been a very warm 4th of July weekend. That heat was just what we need to kick it over the edge. All the waiting, all the patience, it was all for this moment. It is ready for harvesting!

The urban garden project

started back in February, so this felt like a long time coming. The truth is, of course, the first tomato wasn’t planted until April. Even still, we’d been through a lot, even a complete overhaul of the tomato department in early June. It’s been a lot of work and I was ready to eat it!

2015-07-06 18.29.38
Pulling that first juicy tomato off the Bush Goliath was immensely satisfying. As I noted in past posts I’m more apt to kill plants than have them flourish. Under careful guidance of my friend/garden master, the garden was successful and bearing edible fruit.

The irony was that it wasn’t that hard. I put the tomato plants in the dirt. Eventually I put them in a bigger pile of dirt. I watered the tomato plants almost every day, based on a soil sensor I bought. Then I waited. I timed the plants a bit, but that was mostly the larger tomato shrubbery; the Bush Goliath (Which Home Depot advertised as being perfect for the limited space garden) required almost no “cleaning up”. After simplifying it, one wonders how I failed in the past.

2015-07-06 18.35.07
Wash the tomato, cut the tomato, and salt the tomato and you’re ready for “sum gud eatin”. Don’t forget that we grew some basil, and basil on tomatoes is also a tasty combo, so we did that as well. The only evidence that is left of that first delicious tomato are my memories and these few lovely pictures. MmmmmMmmm. Kirkland Sea Salt gives the fruit a wonderful kick, leaving you wanting more… which I now must go see about.

Next time, find out if we’re still enjoying our tomato crop.