Why Slack when you can Rocket.chat?

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4 Responses

  1. Jon says:

    Slack has put a lot of money into building itself a massive ecosystem, ala Salesforce, which will help keep it entrenched in a lot of peoples lives for a very long time. That being said, non-free options are inherently bad, but lock-in can be quite dangerous. Fortunately we’ve got enough chat systems running around (Slack and Hipchat on the paid side, RocketChat, Mattermost and IRC on the free side) that most new tooling is built to be multi-platform. Take hubot for example, its got connectors to just about everything.

  2. Strypey says:

    I wouldn’t even consider using Slack, simply because it’s running proprietary software on its server. Especially where there is a free code alternative available. Slack may end up having to liberate their code just to avoid bleeding users.

  3. Francis Kim says:

    I’ve just tried this out and it looks fantastic!

    • Stephen Goudie says:

      I have used slack with quite a few projects and am looking for something new. I’m glad I stumbled across this alternative to try out on a my next project, thanks!

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