May 10, 2016

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Good Bye, Hello Logo
It’s bittersweet for me to write that headline. After more than 11 years of faithful service, I’ve decided to retire the name. This has, of course, been a project in the making for a little bit of time but today marked the final bits of work for getting the new domain setup. While I toiled away on my planning and backend work, I never really thought about the actual act of flipping the switch. Turns out its a little melancholy to say “Good Bye” to your pet project of 11 years, even if it is a departure in name only.

Moping aside, we’re on to bigger and better things! Like a phoenix, Snowulf is being reborn from the ashes into the name of All the content and hijinx that you’ve come to expect will still be here. Our full site archive is still here as well. The team (of John, Josh, and myself) already have big plans that you’ll hopefully see rolling out in the next 24 hours. While the new site design still has a few sharp corners, soon you’ll see those smoothed out as well.

Before we depart, let me answer the one burning question that you’ve been dying to know. Why Obviate? Well obviate (verb) means “to anticipate and prevent (as a situation) or make unnecessary (as an action)". Our goal is to anticipate your technology information needs and prevent you from having to go hunting high and low across the internet. We do the hard work so you don’t have to (do anything more than copy & paste).