Video: Four Generations of Cell Phones

April 19, 2010

Well, I previously threatened to make some video blog entries and now I’m finally making good on that threat. THIS IS NOT A VIDEO DIARY. In fact, if all goes according to plan, you’ll never see my face on camera. So before I get into the entry itself, a quick bit about making the videos. I captured them on a Nikon D300s in 720p, copied them over to my computer and ran them through Windows Live Movie Maker. I know, the software is a piece of shit and barely does anything more than add title cards, transitions, & re-compress — but that re-compression is important. The video raw off the camera is 100MB/minute. After Windows Movie Maker, it’s about 30-35MB/minute. During the process, of making today’s entry, I created two test videos. The first capture test only ended up at 480p, and had some lighting issues. My second capture test took a LONG time to get settled properly, but ended up at the proper 720p and looks decent in terms of the lighting. In the end, I’m pleased with how good the 720p video looks, people might not use it, but for those that wish it, it is there for them. So… on to today’s actual entry. Yesterday, I ordered a Nexus One. Yes, I broke down and did it. I really want to use it for development… plus it is just so damn cool. As I was watching videos on YouTube about it, I realized most of the video reviews were shot on release. IE for T-Mobile & Android 2.0. Since then we’ve achieved multiple carriers on the Nexus One, and been updated to Android 2.1 (Update 1). As I wanted to create my own video blog posts/reviews — I thought this would be a perfect time to do so. Of course, I need a “test post”, so this is it. Below is the embedded YouTube video in its 720p glory.