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Maker Faire this weekend!

May 21, 2010

West Entrance to Maker Faire 08 Are you in the Bay Area? Do you have some free time this weekend? If so, come on down to the Maker Faire at the San Mateo County Fairground. It will be all sorts of kick ass. Past years have featured some of the following: Giant Tesla coils, fire breathing dragons, life (person) size mouse trap board game, RC boats firing at each other, Adam Savage, cupcake cars, more legos than you can shake a stick at, a plug-in Prius, model rockets, and a menagerie of other cool stuff too long to list. You can find a list of all the makers, but that doesn’t really convey the cool. If you know what “Make” magazine is, enjoy building things like Legos (or K’Nex), play with electricity, take care of bonsai trees, decorate in steampunk or care about recycling — this event is for you. In 2009 there were over 80,000 visitors who came to check it out. Wikinews even has a story about it. Volunteers & Staff at the ‘08 Booth. If you happen to be dropping by, stop by the Expo Hall — Space #90. You’ll find me and the rest of the Wikimedia crew hanging out. Right next to us will be our good friends at wikiHow. Last year we had a blast, and I’m sure this year will be just as good, if not better! I did a lengthy write up here on the blog about my in depth experience. The one thing I wrote, that apparently I’ve forgotten was “I’ve learned my lesson about volunteering to be in charge of these things… NEVER AGAIN!”. Why? Because I’m basically in charge again this year, but it is all in fun (and for a good cause).