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Lime Liqueur 0

Lime Liqueur

I’ve always been a big fan of limes. Love them in my water and especially in my sweet tea. I have yet to see a Lime based/flavored Liqueur, something that has always disappointed me. So, when someone poured me a glass of homemade Limoncello/Lemoncello I realized I would have to make my own (a moral imperative, if you will). Full list of ingredients and directions after the fold. Mon Oct...

Review: Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka 2

Review: Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka

As I was at the grocery store recently, I happened to find myself in the liquor aisle. At the time, I was looking for Everclear, but that is a matter for another blog post. I did not find the Everclear, but what I did find was a number of Sweet Tea Vodkas, which piqued my curiosity enough that I decided to buy one. There were a number of choices, but...