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Kindle Paperwhite Review: It’s like looking at paper 0

Kindle Paperwhite Review: It’s like looking at paper

While I was moving last week, I had a tiny piece of joy arrive in the mail… a Kindle Paperwhite. Unfortunately it arrived at the location I was moving out of, after I was already gone. My joy was slightly delayed, but I’ve got it now and have had some time to play with it. This is by far an improvement over the Kindle Touch, and certainly an even better...

Splashtop Remote Desktop 0

Splashtop Remote Desktop

A few weeks back, Amazon’s free app of the day was Splashtop Remote Desktop (normally and currently $4.99). It sounded pretty intriguing, so I picked it up. I had low expectations from a free app, but was pleasantly surprised by the functionality. Out of the box it requires some minimal configuration, namely running the hosting software on the computer(s) of your choice and setting a password, and then you are...

The Kindle 3 Has Arrived! 1

The Kindle 3 Has Arrived!

Yesterday, much to my glee, the new Wifi only version or a Kindle DX, I know this one won’t be returned to Amazon.  I’ve had more than enough time to get a good idea of how the Kindle 3 works, and how it compares to the Kindle 2, so I thought it was time to share.

Kindle 3 announced, joy ensues 1

Kindle 3 announced, joy ensues

At the beginning of the month, Amazon unveiled the 3rd generation of the Kindle DX which was now ensconced in a Graphite colored shell, provided a better contrast ratio, and faster refresh times. This all but guaranteed we would be seeing the Kindle 3 shortly. Yesterday, it was noticed that the Kindle 2 was out of stock, for probably the first time since they started selling them, which caused a...