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Kubernetes 1.6 – Taints and Tolerances for monitoring your cluster

At the office we use Datadog for monitoring our production systems, so when I spun up a test Kubernetes cluster (running Tectonic) I wanted to monitor using the same tool. Unfortunately the initial deploy of the Datadog agent didn’t work quite as well I was hoping. While I used their stock Kubernetes YAML as prescribed by the knowledgebase, it did not cover monitoring the Master nodes. Datadog support suggested I...


CoreOS Fest 2017

Just a bit over a week ago I had the opportunity to attend CoreOS Fest 2017 at the lovely Pier 27 in San Francisco. You might remember this same structure from my cruise posts as Pier 27 serves double duty as event center and cruise ship terminal. Now that I’ve had a chance to see both sides of the building, I definitely recommend the cruise terminal portion. Not that I...