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Let WordPress (not) snow 0

Let WordPress (not) snow

Have a wordpress blog? Is it still snowing? Would you like to turn it off? It’s really quite easy. Login to your Admin Settings General Uncheck “Show falling snow on my blog until January 4th.” Save Oh, yea, it’ll automagically turn itself off tomorrow anyways. However this way you won’t be surprised by the snow next year. Enjoy your Winter!

Using Cloudflare as a Banhammer 0

Using Cloudflare as a Banhammer

These days “Snowulf” has become a loosely knit network of sites and projects. Most of the hosting is for myself, projects I’m involved with, or friends. Since I already pride myself in keeping my server online for the Snowulf Blog, adding a few other sites to the same server isn’t much of an issue. However the major headache of any site addition is… security. Every site and piece of software...

Snowulf Mobile lives again! 0

Snowulf Mobile lives again!

This past week or so has been pleasantly quiet for me at work, so I’ve actually had some time to myself. Additionally, I managed to spend a fair amount of time on the blog this weekend, both writing and doing miscellaneous site maintenance. One of the site maintenance related items was the discovery that the mobile site was horribly, horribly broken. Currently the site’s traffic is roughly 13% mobile, up...

WordPress 3.5 and mod_pagespeed do NOT play well together 7

WordPress 3.5 and mod_pagespeed do NOT play well together

WordPress 3.5 may look cool, but it has found a dozen new and clever ways in which to break itself. Last week, I figured out how to fix the “Add Media” button. This week, I discovered that I could no longer select any drop-downs in the admin screens, add tags, or click most buttons. I dug around and found the “Troubleshooting WordPress 3.5 Master List” which lead me to discover...

“Add Media” broken in WordPress 3.5 1

“Add Media” broken in WordPress 3.5

A little while back I upgraded to WordPress 3.5.X like a good little server admin. Sometime shortly thereafter I noticed the “Add Media” button stopped working, or it would work randomly for one post and not another. Very strange and very annoying since that is the one button I actually need (I write in HTML format, so I don’t need the rest of the WYSIWYG interface to work). After a...