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Video Tutorial: Writing code onto Micropython Wemos D1 using Ampy

Last week we covered how to flash Micropython onto an ESP8266 (Wemos D1 Mini) but we had to type our code into the REPL by hand. That’s not terribly useful for a real world project, so this week we learn how to upload code and make it run on boot. We’ll be using a tool called Ampy, by Adafruit, since the Micropython world is a little immature.

Video Tutorial: Flashing Micropython on a Wemos D1 Mini 2

Video Tutorial: Flashing Micropython on a Wemos D1 Mini

Welcome to Episodes #01 of the new Obviate.io video series where we’ll be flashing Micropython 1.9.3 onto a Wemos D1 Mini ( ESP8266 ) development board using Apple macOS.


3D Printing: Knurled brass inserts using a heat gun

In my current quest of building the Hypercube Evolution, one of the early and critical steps is putting in the knurled brass inserts into the 3D printed parts. These inserts are the receptacle for screws/bolts that would otherwise chew up the plastic you’ve printed. The standard instructions are to use a soldering iron but I wanted something with a little more accuracy so I used a heat gun. It works...

Schedule change & new format 0

Schedule change & new format

Over the years, the posting schedule here at Snowulf.com has varied wildly. We’ve had our good times (5 posts a week) and our bad times (zero posts for months). Up until July of this year, we’ve been averaging 1-2 posts a month for the last year or more, which is very sad. As soon as I had more free time, our post rate jumped up to 5 times a week...