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Let WordPress (not) snow 0

Let WordPress (not) snow

Have a wordpress blog? Is it still snowing? Would you like to turn it off? It’s really quite easy. Login to your Admin Settings General Uncheck “Show falling snow on my blog until January 4th.” Save Oh, yea, it’ll automagically turn itself off tomorrow anyways. However this way you won’t be surprised by the snow next year. Enjoy your Winter!

s9y-to-wp has a new home on GitHub 2

s9y-to-wp has a new home on GitHub

Earlier this week I was trying to clean up my old Google Code site and I broke it. Mostly this has given me the small push I needed to get all the old junk out of Google Code and make a proper move of it all to GitHub. Of course, the most important piece of code was the Serendipity to WordPress Plugin. I’ve moved the plugin to its own s9y-to-wp...

WordPress 3.5 and mod_pagespeed do NOT play well together 7

WordPress 3.5 and mod_pagespeed do NOT play well together

WordPress 3.5 may look cool, but it has found a dozen new and clever ways in which to break itself. Last week, I figured out how to fix the “Add Media” button. This week, I discovered that I could no longer select any drop-downs in the admin screens, add tags, or click most buttons. I dug around and found the “Troubleshooting WordPress 3.5 Master List” which lead me to discover...

“Add Media” broken in WordPress 3.5 1

“Add Media” broken in WordPress 3.5

A little while back I upgraded to WordPress 3.5.X like a good little server admin. Sometime shortly thereafter I noticed the “Add Media” button stopped working, or it would work randomly for one post and not another. Very strange and very annoying since that is the one button I actually need (I write in HTML format, so I don’t need the rest of the WYSIWYG interface to work). After a...

WordPress: Updates without FTP/SFTP 0

WordPress: Updates without FTP/SFTP

I’ve been using WordPress on Snowulf for almost two years. In that time, one of the most important things I learned was how to enable updates via SSH/FTP. Today, I bring you something that may very well relegate that post to an amusing anecdote. It turns out that the more recent versions of WordPress, with a little bit of tweaking, can update themselves without any FTP/SFTP access at all!