February 20, 2018

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Video Tutorial: BME820 Environmental Sensor and MQTT under Micropython

This week we’re starting to make our Micropython powered Wemos D1 truly useful with a sensor and data collection. We’ll wire up a BME280 sensor which measures temperature, humidity and air pressure. After we know it works, we’ll use Wifi and MQTT to send the data to a website for viewing.

(View on youtube)

Links & Commands

The above seems like a fairly long list of commands and links, but a lot of it is just background information – not to mention the usual “build up” of a tutorial. Realistically you can wire a BME280 to the controller, load the code and be fully “up and running” in just a few minutes. This code could also be used on a “bring your own MQTT server”, but I wanted to keep it simple for the purposes of the tutorial (hence Adafruit). This also shows that with the proper application of libraries, we could send data from just about any sensor to the internet with ease (and just a few lines of code).

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