Monthly Archive: May 2005

Nifty Toys 0

Nifty Toys

Today I was turned onto a nift toy called Wpoison. Its a fairly simple perl script that generates random webpages with crap email addresses, links back to itself, and sleeps for 4 seconds on every run. I’ve decided that I’m going to deploy it on a few of my sites, since I seem to have “evil” bots stopping by from time to time. Webalizer should provide some intresting results latter...

Vigilante Hackers 0

Vigilante Hackers

Yahoo UK is carrying a bit about Vigilante Hackers – AKA White Hats. Guys (and Gals) running around hacking fake banks and other fraudsters. More power to them I say. As the article says: “Experts say that shutting down the scam websites is often difficult because they may be hosted in countries where legal action is unlikely.” – Well, If the law can’t shut them down – they can’t stop...

Strange Ass Server 0

Strange Ass Server

So my debian machine continues to randomly jump to DHCP (from static) from time to time. I have no fruiting idea why, and all I can do is ifdown/ifup the network adapter. In othernews – I’m moving. Fun stuffs, now back to the ol’ game of DSL Versus Cable – which is faster, cheaper, and more reliable. Too bad I can’t get fiber here yet. :-(

Nikon D70 Firmware V2.0 0

Nikon D70 Firmware V2.0

Oh yea! I love the new firmware. Always goodies to play with. Especially the big jumps – when the actually change significant features are fun. Well the D70 has new firmware (found here ). I just finished flashing my D70 – If nothing else, I really really like the new Menu’s. Very….modern… – Where each of the three menu area’s used to be a different color (some very… not so...

Widescreen DVD != 16:9 0

Widescreen DVD != 16:9

So.. I got Mission Impossible today from NetFlix and started watching it. At start up it asked if I wanted Widescreen or Letterbox. Having a laptop with 16:10 – Widescreen it was. But.. It wasnt. It turns out it was 16:9 shrunk down to fit the letter box width. Yes! I want to watch a DVD on 1/4 of my 15″ laptop screen – Please! Pick me. Sigh. Where do...