Daily Archive: November 28, 2005

Aeon Flux 0

Aeon Flux

I really want to go see Aeon Flux this comming friday. I heard some rumors that its based on a comic? Dunno. But its sci-fi and it stars Charlize Theron (who kicked all ass in the Italian Job). Then again the 10 day forecast around here is snow from today (monday) through friday or satruday (2nd/3rd). So it may be difficult to get down the hill in the snow. Oh...

Installed Memtest86+ 0

Installed Memtest86+

Installed and ran memtest 86+ for 40 hours stait this weekend on my linux laptop. No errors, but yet my machine loved to IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL in windows (which is generally ram related) and has frozen up a few times in linux. I think it may be heat related as it only seems to have problems when its not on its “cooling” pad. (once or twice on the pad – but thats...