Daily Archive: January 4, 2006

On the bright side…. 0

On the bright side….

…. I have power. I got an automated call at about 6pm saying my power had been restored. I didnt have much faith in sierra pacific because about an hour before I called them up and they told me about the p.d.v. and my probably of getting power back any time soon being nil. So now I can boot my server and torrent once more! Horray!

UPS’s dieing from Power Outages? 0

UPS’s dieing from Power Outages?

I have a strange problem. One of the bigger (granted still a home sized unit) APC UPS’s that we use in the office is… well… dead. It powers on and works but is stuck on “battery power”. No matter what I do with the unit, when its plugged in it still thinks its on battery power. Sadly I think I’m going to have to call APC. I hope they can...