Daily Archive: August 9, 2010

Zombie Review: Gungrave 1

Zombie Review: Gungrave

A friend recently recommended some new anime to me: Gungrave. Some of the guys that did Trigun were involved in this as well which also piqued my interest. Gungrave is about the same length as Trigun (approximately 650 minutes), so it is a fairly quick watch. Overall I found it quite amusing, except for one little thing…. There will be some minor generic spoilers with relation to the story progression,...

Welcome to Zombie Apocalypse Week 3

Welcome to Zombie Apocalypse Week

I’d like to welcome everyone stopping by to our first ever Zombie Apocalypse week. John is a huge zombie fan and been majorly sad about the last of posts in our ZA category. We talked about doing a series of posts for it, which eventually turned into a week, which eventually got done. Tada! This week we’ll be covering anything and everything Zombie related. From zombies in modern media to...