Monthly Archive: August 2013

Ubuntu Edge – Not even close 0

Ubuntu Edge – Not even close

A little over a month ago we talked about the launch of the Ubuntu Edge indiegogo campaign. At that point I was highly skeptical that the campaign would meet the halfway point. Well, last week the funding closed and it was not even close.

Leap Motion – Lacks a killer app 0

Leap Motion – Lacks a killer app

In May of 2012 there was a lot of hubbub over this new “Leap Motion” controller. I thought it sounded like a really cool idea (Who didn’t?), so I pre-ordered one. Much to my excitement it arrived while I was on vacation. Once I got back I had a chance to play with it… and I was much less excited.

GFI Vipre Enterprise for Mac – Run away logs 0

GFI Vipre Enterprise for Mac – Run away logs

Yesterday at the office we discovered that GFI Vipre for Mac has a “small” run away logging problem. The antivirus logs to /private/var/log/vipred_stdout.log and /private/var/log/vipred_stderr.log – The latter of which being the problem file. stderr on numerous machines was in excess of several gigabytes in size. While we never bothered to correctly address the issue, Alex “fixed” it by putting a script into JAMF Casper Suite to rm the file....

OpenDNS Umbrella – Safety or Zombies? 7

OpenDNS Umbrella – Safety or Zombies?

We started evaluating OpenDNS Umbrella at the office while back. While I’ve always been a big fan of OpenDNS (and even applied to work there once), I was reluctant to get into this “Umbrella” service. Not because I fear Umbrella Corp, but because it just didn’t seem useful. What little info I skimmed on the web wasn’t exactly what one would call exciting. After taking it for a spin, I’ve...

Review: Gogo Inflight Internet 0

Review: Gogo Inflight Internet

Recently, I took Delta from San Francisco to the midwest which was about a 4 hour flight. Conveniently, the A320 I was on had Gogo Inflight Internet. As this was the first long-ish flight I’ve been on with internet (and I had work to get done), I decided to take it for a spin. Turns out it doesn’t suck nearly as much as I thought (except for the price).