Monthly Archive: September 2015

A $20 tablet/laptop organizer 0

A $20 tablet/laptop organizer

Do you have several laptops? Multiple iPads? Do you find yourself with an annoying stack of laptops sitting on your desk that you need to play Jenga with every time you need to switch machines? If this is the case you might be living in the most egregious world of #FirstWoldProblems -or- you work in technology. I fall into the latter group and wanted a cost-effective and nice way of...

Please don’t give your laptop to a stranger 3

Please don’t give your laptop to a stranger

You’re saying to yourself “This is silly, I would never willingly give my laptop to a complete stranger (in a public setting)”. However people do “give away” their laptops, or attempt to do so on a daily basis. Just today I was attending a bootcamp (which I’ll write about another day) in the AWS Loft SF and saw the horror that was abandoned laptops. Just like you see pictured to...

Why Slack when you can 4

Why Slack when you can

Everyone knows that Slack is the current darling of the chat world. This is especially true in the high-tech scene as it seems like everyone is using Slack. It quickly eclipsed 6 year old HipChat with a huge suite of fancy new features and a shiny interface. The 14 teams I’m a member of can attest to Slack having also taken the place of IRC for many. So why isn’t...

Blackblaze burns the competition with B2 0

Blackblaze burns the competition with B2

Yesterday, Backblaze announced a new game changing product, if you’re into storage. The new Backblaze B2 offers cloud-based object storage, similar to AWS S3 or Google Cloud Storage, except that it’s significantly cheaper than the competition. This is shocking since a lot of people have never heard of Backblaze, and they don’t play in the “cloud” market.

iOS 9 – Who isn’t an early adopter anymore? 0

iOS 9 – Who isn’t an early adopter anymore?

In the tech-centric world we live in today, the faster that software updates get pushed, typically the better off everyone is. Software updates provide not only more features, but are a vital conduit for security updates. Our world is a connected world and when security issues are found, they need to be patched immediately. Anything that speeds up that process is “Good”, except we still need “early adopters” which is...