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Trading in my IT hat for DevOps

My professional career started with a brief stint as Quality Assurance before I made a quick turn into Information Technology. Ever since I’ve stayed the path of considering myself a “tried and true IT guy” and all things that came with IT Management. However even in those early days, there was a small but growing portion of my job that I enjoyed but was never able to fully focus on…...

Relaunching 0


Between being sick at the start of the month and a three day weekend, I recently had some free time to devote to some personal projects. One of those personal projects was the redesign and relaunch of While I pride myself in my work here on Snowulf, I like to keep as a “portfolio” site. A portfolio site, like a custom email domain, is something everyone in technology...

Resume Tips from an IT Hiring Manager 0

Resume Tips from an IT Hiring Manager

Recently I went through a round of hiring in my IT Department. Nothing special or out of the ordinary about it. I thought there was a lot of information out there on the net about how to write resumes and cover letters. However, during my recent round of hiring I received a LARGE number of applications which were… well… fairly depressing (to put it nicely). Since I don’t consider myself...