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A $20 tablet/laptop organizer 0

A $20 tablet/laptop organizer

Do you have several laptops? Multiple iPads? Do you find yourself with an annoying stack of laptops sitting on your desk that you need to play Jenga with every time you need to switch machines? If this is the case you might be living in the most egregious world of #FirstWoldProblems -or- you work in technology. I fall into the latter group and wanted a cost-effective and nice way of...

A Pinterest success story 0

A Pinterest success story

For those of us who aren’t super crafty types, when one mentions “Pinterest” typically the mind jumps to “Pinterest Fails“. You can Google that and find hundreds of websites dedicated to the very topic. However today we’re discussing the opposite, Pinterest success stories, or more specifically one success story. This particular story centers around my niece who had mentioned to me before that she was a fan of Pinterest ....