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FanimeCon 2014 0

FanimeCon 2014

Last year, I mentioned a long (4 hour) wait for badges. This year’s line, I am ecstatic to report, was much improved. I spent less than 10 minutes getting my badge. Take note: this was not 10 minutes of waiting. This was from the time I walked up to the sign that pointed pre-reg to the left, walked through the queue, strode up to the counter, handed over my QR...

Fanime This Weekend 0

Fanime This Weekend

Fanime 2014 started recently, and Jon and I are planning on attending. As previously reported, Jon went in 2009, convinced me to join him for 2010 (to which we did a five part followup), abandoned me for 2011, all of team snowulf went in 2012 (as covered by Jon and John), then I was abandoned again in 2013, though Jon stopped in to visit for a bit outside the convention....