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Automated Screen Launch 2

Automated Screen Launch

At my previous company I set myself up a screen server as mentioned in my previous post, “A screen/shell server is awesome!“. There were only a half dozen servers there so if the screen server got rebooted, it wasn’t a big deal to get my sessions back up and running. At my new company we use virtual machines, so there are quite a number more “servers” to connect to. As...

A screen/shell server is awesome! 5

A screen/shell server is awesome!

GNU screen is not a new tool and while I’ve known about it for a long time, I’ve never had a use for it. What is the point of having multiplexed terminals when I can simply launch more (under Ubuntu)? When I’m in Windows, I can just launch more SSH connections. While having more screens does make organization of many sessions orderly, I prefer a larger screen and the ability...