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SocketIO IRC-style Tutorial – Part 4 – The client code 0

SocketIO IRC-style Tutorial – Part 4 – The client code

This is the 4th post in a multi-part tutorial series on Socket.io. See Part 3 here. In today’s section of the tutorial, we’re going to be discussing the chat client. This is a single page with all the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript rolled into one. It’s bad form for production use but, again, we’re all for simplicity in this tutorial. Since we’re on the client (i.e. browser) side of the...

Relaunching JonDavis.name 0

Relaunching JonDavis.name

Between being sick at the start of the month and a three day weekend, I recently had some free time to devote to some personal projects. One of those personal projects was the redesign and relaunch of JonDavis.name. While I pride myself in my work here on Snowulf, I like to keep JonDavis.name as a “portfolio” site. A portfolio site, like a custom email domain, is something everyone in technology...