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A Kindle lover without a Kindle Oasis

Kindle’s are awesome. Kindle’s are amazing. Kindle’s are possibly one of the best inventions in literacy since the printing press. My Kindle collection includes every model from the original Kindle released in 2007 all the way through the Paperwhite gen 3 (actually several of the PW3’s). However, right around the time of the Paperwhite, Amazon’s eInk Kindle’s started to falter. The Voyage was a great unit which I was tempted...

Kindle Paperwhite Review: It’s like looking at paper 0

Kindle Paperwhite Review: It’s like looking at paper

While I was moving last week, I had a tiny piece of joy arrive in the mail… a Kindle Paperwhite. Unfortunately it arrived at the location I was moving out of, after I was already gone. My joy was slightly delayed, but I’ve got it now and have had some time to play with it. This is by far an improvement over the Kindle Touch, and certainly an even better...