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Snowglobe 2015 – Logistics need not apply 0

Snowglobe 2015 – Logistics need not apply

We decided to spend this past New Years up at Lake Tahoe. Specifically we went to the 3 day concert extravaganza known as the Snowglobe Music Festival (or sometimes ‘Snerglerb’). There were a lot of good acts, some great acts, and it generally wasn’t horrible. However it appeared to me that the Snowglobe organizers really did not have a great grasp on the core logistics relating to putting on a...

A day with the iPad 2

A day with the iPad

Recently, I decided to challenge myself and actually use OSX (for a daily machine) and an iPad (because it was there). Part of this was to increase my familiarity with the devices and partially because my workplace runs basically all Mac. I was going to have to get used to them sooner or later, and sooner made sense since I had to support them. Anyways, at the same time I...