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Exploring PHP IDEs: Sublime Text 0

Exploring PHP IDEs: Sublime Text

On my last post, I discussed my hunt for a PHP IDE, specifically PhpStorm. Development Environments are about as widely varied as there are ways to skin a cat, so I didn’t stop with PhpStorm. The second IDE on the evaluation list is a smaller product known as Sublime Text (or ST2).

Exploring PHP IDEs: PhpStorm 0

Exploring PHP IDEs: PhpStorm

These days, I’m not much of a coder. I never was an uber-coder (as John will attest), but I managed to dabble fairly frequently. However, in the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing a fair bit of PHP. Most of it revolves around a couple projects for work using the AWS SDK for PHP 2. At first I was using my standard go-to-development environment… nano. However, as my project...