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FanimeCon 2010 Wrap up: Part 1 of 5 – Friday 0

FanimeCon 2010 Wrap up: Part 1 of 5 – Friday

Originally my plans were to have a single Fanime wrap up entry for myself, and another from John (since it was his first con and all). That being said, I wrote a “journal” at the end of each day’s trials/tribulations/activities. The resulting “entry” would be better classified as a novella. It would be far to long for anyone to read. As such, I’ve decided to break down the con into...

Fanime This Weekend 0

Fanime This Weekend

And in fact today! Indeed, we are there this very moment. Jon and I are currently at Fanime. Jon went last year (and the year before that), and as I previously mentioned, he convinced me to go this year. I flew down to meet Jon (and get my motorcycle back) yesterday and after an enjoyable dinner we headed back to his place to finish final preparations. If you are in...