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(The New) iPad 3 Review – Solid unit, uninspiring upgrade 7

(The New) iPad 3 Review – Solid unit, uninspiring upgrade

So the “The new iPad” or the “iPad 3” (depending on your preference, mine is for the latter) has been out for a couple weeks now. As is my custom, I got my hands on one (16 GB 4G Verizon) and took it for a test drive. Since the iPad 3 really has only a few features that are different from the iPad 2, I’m just going to talk about...

Automated Screen Launch 2

Automated Screen Launch

At my previous company I set myself up a screen server as mentioned in my previous post, “A screen/shell server is awesome!“. There were only a half dozen servers there so if the screen server got rebooted, it wasn’t a big deal to get my sessions back up and running. At my new company we use virtual machines, so there are quite a number more “servers” to connect to. As...

The Kindle 3 Has Arrived! 1

The Kindle 3 Has Arrived!

Yesterday, much to my glee, the new Wifi only version or a Kindle DX, I know this one won’t be returned to Amazon.  I’ve had more than enough time to get a good idea of how the Kindle 3 works, and how it compares to the Kindle 2, so I thought it was time to share.

iPhone 4 – Revolutionary becomes dull? 3

iPhone 4 – Revolutionary becomes dull?

So the iPhone 4 is officially out today; I thought it was a good time to reflect about the history of the iPhones.  Back in 2007, the world was taken by storm with the original announcement and release of the iPhone.  The device was in-arguably revolutionary.  It wasn’t like any cellphone seen to date.  In 2008 we saw the release of the iPhone 3G, which included this cool new feature...