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“USB Drive not formatted” on one computer, but fine in another 1

“USB Drive not formatted” on one computer, but fine in another

I was working on a friend’s computer this last weekend and I ran into a problem where her Kingston DataTraveler 16 GB suddenly stopped working on her Windows 7 Home Premium PC. My netbook, Eek, is currently running Windows 7 Ultimate and recognized it just fine. This was only the start of the USB problems.

Eee: Installing Windows 7 1

Eee: Installing Windows 7

Since Microsoft has been generous enough to share the Windows 7 RC with everyone, and because Jon has enjoyed it so much, I decided my Eee should be running Win7. Getting Windows 7 is fairly easy, download site and key available from Microsoft and Microsoft TechNet. Both have the same information, the former looks prettier, while the latter offers a more utilitarian experience. Either one will get you what you...

OpenVPN on Vista 64bit (And Windows 7!) 5

OpenVPN on Vista 64bit (And Windows 7!)

At our office we use OpenVPN for our VPN needs. This was a change I made a few years back, taking us away from Windows PPTP. It has proved to be an interesting experience, because things do not always “work” on the client side. This is most apparent when dealing with Windows and/or 64-bit computers. It becomes even more fun when the boss wants OpenVPN on his Vista 64 machine....