Daily Archive: March 11, 2005

AIM gone the way of the phone 0

AIM gone the way of the phone

And by that I don’t mean it does VoIP – I mean that its now recorded. The original entry from Thrashing Through Cyberspace blog. To make a long story short, AIM now reserves the right to do what ever the hell they want with what you say on AIM. There are a few business’s that I’m sure use AIM for communication, no more. Where I worked we used to use...

SATA is good 0

SATA is good

Well for as long as I’ve used SATA I have enjoyed it. I have yet to have a problem with it, its fast, and the cables are small. SATA 1.0 is spec’d out at 150MB/s (Yes, One hundred fifty megabytes per second – Faster than your average LAN by about 10 times), SATA 2.0 is spec’d out for 300 MB/s, and is spec’d out for the next version is set...