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Review: Kinesis Freestyle Edge Gaming Keyboard

Recently Kinesis released the Freestyle Edge which is a new mechanical version of their previous “Freestyle2” split keyboard (which was membrane based). While the Freestyle Edge is advertised for gamers, I think any serious user should seriously consider it. It has most of the critically important features you see on all “ergonomic” keyboards today including split angels, tenting and a lot of adjustability.


Google Maps needs an Co-Pilot mode

Like most people during the holiday season, my fiance and I had some traveling to do. Fortunately for us all the family we were visiting was within 50 miles of home so it was all driving. While most of the drives were in areas we were familiar with I still routinely used Google Maps for navigation around the unusual traffic conditions. During one of the legs of our journey we...


Happy New Year’s

Happy 2017… er 2018. I’ll have that down in about 6 months time. Thank god we don’t write checks any more, so many months of messed up dates on checks. There’s a lot that’s changed this past year (new job) and lots changing this year (getting married). However that’s less important to this blog. What is important? New Year’s Resolutions. To be technical, I’m not terribly big on a New...


Living Room perfection with NVIDIA SHIELD TV

For cord cutters like myself, TV entertainment has been dead for years. I bought a TV out of instinct; every living room I’ve seen has a couch and a TV. Netflix and YouTube lived on my lovely desktop monitors, which allowed for multitasking and not actually watching that video content. However, my living room life changed when I came across the Roku 3 box. This wonderful box allowed me to...


Google Container Registry: Simple tagging alternatives

A few months back I migrated my Docker container image hosting from my private GitLab instance over to Google Cloud Container Registry ( It has an included build system that can be triggered by commits to GitHub (and other Git repo’s). It doesn’t do anything too complicated out of the gate, but it’s great for containers related to static sites.