July 28, 2005

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IE7 & Vista

I’m sure anyone stopping by here has already read that IE7 Beta 1 & Windows Vista Beta 1 have been released to MSDN. Nifty for me, I have an MSDN subscription so I’ve downloaded both. Vista is a 2.4gig download (and obviously is an ISO for a bootable DVD). I’m currently installing vista on an elder server type box (Dual 800mhz P3, 384MB RAM, 64MB AGP GPU & 40GB HD). I’ve read that the beta doesnt do partioning yet, so I may have to use an XP disk to do that.

As for IE7 — I’m pleasently suprised. I read alot of nasty comments about how IE7 doesnt render alot of stuff properly. Yes it fails the ACID2 test — but other than that I havent had any problems with it. Granted I’m not going to use it for my every day browser (thats Firefox) but its not terribly bad. It supports tabs, popup blocking & anti-phishing (Dont ask me what exactly it does for that). For the average net idiot, it will work fine I think.