September 8, 2005

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Yea. I’ve been kinda dead the last while — but what ever. Today I saw an article on slashdot, about Half-Terabyte Hard Drive Reviewed. If you RTFA the subheadline says “Half a freakin’ terabyte”, thats awesome — too bad the harddrives actually 500GB. Now I’m no expert in math (in fact I failed calculus) but 1TB = 1024GB / 2 = 512GB != 500GB — soooo, if my math is right (and I think it is), that drive isnt half a terabyte — its close — but its not. Also — if anyone has purchase a harddrive recently — they will remember that the drive isnt actually (for example) 100GB, its about 100,000,000,000 bytes (which is 93GB’s). So if this new harddrive that’s half a terabyte is actually at about 500,000,000,000 bytes (which I’m willing to put money on that its close to that), its really about 465 GB in reality. Thats 47GB’s you’ve gotten cheated out of by marketing droids. I have many a harddrive thats less than 50 gigs — and thats a lot of space.

Damn marketing — why cant the harddrive companies stop lieing and report the real harddrive size? WE LIVE IN A WORLD BASED ON 1024 — NOT 1000!!!