Monthly Archive: September 2005

nothings happening 0

nothings happening

Its rather boring around here, I havent had much to do at work so I spend some time editing Wikipedia. The one intresting I did find recently was Google Sets, which is one of many intresting projects over at the Google Labs. Also small bit of intrest is that the Facebook finally added my tiny out of the way college I attend. Now I can sign up and still not...

Harddrives 0


Yea. I’ve been kinda dead the last while – but what ever. Today I saw an article on slashdot, about Half-Terabyte Hard Drive Reviewed. If you RTFA the subheadline says “Half a freakin’ terabyte”, thats awesome – too bad the harddrives actually 500GB. Now I’m no expert in math (in fact I failed calculus) but 1TB = 1024GB / 2 = 512GB != 500GB – soooo, if my math is...