April 26, 2006

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Exchange Groupware Replacement

Well you may wonder why a post that contains “Exchange” is under linux. Well I’ve been researching software to replace Microsoft Exchange. SMTP/POP you say? Well I agree. But my Boss said that we needed to keep shared calendar and shared contacts — and it has to sync with his PocketPC device (eeek!). It basically boils down to the fact that what ever I find has to be a drop in replacement for Exchange. I’ve found a number of bits of software that do this including (But not limited to): MI8, CommunigatePro, Merak, Scalix and Zimbra.

The two things I’d like to say after doing this “hunt” for two days strait. #1 — Everything is just as expensive as Exchange its just what features you get. #2 — I FUCKING HATE SALES PEOPLE. Except for the guy from Scalix, he was cool.

(PS — Most of the software runs on linux — hence the linux category)