May 5, 2006

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So What is Project Kilo?

Well, if you’ve been by my site at all recently, you’ve seen the RSS feeds from “The Goupil” and “The Hoff” about “Project Kilo". So I’ll explain a little bit. A number of times recently I’ve written game design documents, or come up with basic ideas. Since I don’t do much programming out side of the web realm, this doesn’t matter much. Can’t make dreams reality. Anyways, I’ve was turned on to a couple of webgames recently and thought that would be cool to make my own. Guu and I got talking and started laying out the basics of a game. This past weekend, I got a PHP book, because I don’t know PHP and a new project is a great way to learn a language (at least for me). Monday I started writing code, and we pulled in Ben. Since then things have been going well.

So Project Kilo is a webbased game set in the Medieval time period. Its written in PHP5 with a MySQL backend. Guu is doing most of the details in the design work, the “major” ideas are worked out between the three of us. I’ve done most of the initial programs. Ben will come in latter and bitch slap me for all the hacks I did, then make it “right”.

The basic timeline we’re shooting for is something “playable” by the end of the month. It won’t be an open play test, it will be done by invite only. As it is, the system is in invite only mode right now, so don’t bother trying to sign up. If you really really really want to play the game when we make it available, post a comment here and I will add you to the list of possible testers. I’m posting basic news to the front page right now, if you want to keep up, you can check it out on the P.K. homepage. When we get the game open, I’ll be sure to post here.