May 28, 2006

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PHP + Japanese

I’m a fan of the Japanese language, for thoes that don’t know. A (long) while back I took a couple of semesters of it, but was unable to continue formal classes. I wanted to persue it farther, but with school and work the last couple of years I really haven’t had time. Now that I have time again, I’ve picked up my studies. Most of my studying has been in the form of the grammer and vocab of the language. For this I listen to a couple audio books, and a podcast. This is my prefered method of studying because the written language means nothing if you don’t know what the words mean.

Now that I’ve gotten comfertable with the basics of the verbal language again I want to brush up on the written language, starting with Hiaragana and Katakana (Kanji can wait). Now, I basically failed at reading hiragana before, so I know I need more help. This is where my PHP comes in, and the point of this post. I’ve written a simple Hiragana quiz for anyone thats intrested in playing with it. Its nothing fancy right now, and its not even that scaliable (as it generates each image on the fly). It does keep track of your right/wrong answers, but doesn’t display that info. Its really just a proof of concept. Eventually I’ll build something more robust and tie in other tests, and let you configure stuff.

If anyone cares…that is.