June 16, 2006

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Giving GameFly a try

If your a gamer, you know what GameFly is, its NetFlix — with games. Now that I have a 360 and there are games comming out that I want to play, but dont want to buy, I’ve decided to give it a try. First thing I noticed is that every single game I added to my queue is listed as “Short wait”. Now the games I’ve added are basically every non-sports games (Though I did add Table Tennis) that I don’t already own.

My first issue is that it takes a while to get the games. I signed up Sunday night and the first game finally arived yesterday (Thursday). This is not impressing me in terms of speed. But I GUESS I can handle that, after all I should only be exchanging games every 2 weeks or so. On the bright side if I really like a game I can just buy it outright — no having to send it back or not.

We’ll see how long I keep GameFly, I’m only on the 1 game at a time plan right now.