July 27, 2006

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Oh there is hate for Apple

Ohohohohoh. So I don’t know if I mentioned it — but I fried the harddrive in my video ipod (ya know the “click click click” sound). Yea, the one I got for Xmas just a little over 6 months ago. I was informed that I could get it replaced because it has a 1 year waranty — yay! In the mean time I had already purchased a Nano because I figured it would be less liable to fry.

So last Saturday Goupil and I went down to Reno to see Clerks 2. I figured we could stop at the new Ipod store (yes, I know its an “apple” store — but does anyone actually care about MacIntels?). We arrived at 4:56 w/ the movie starting at 5:45 — plenty of time to swap an ipod. I walked in and was greeted by one of their employees. I explained that the harddrive had failed. I needed to sign up for an appointment w/ their silly little service, done at 4:58 — for a “5:00-5:10pm” Appointment. At about 5:15 I finally got called by their “Genius” (presumptuous fucks). I then re-explained to this “Genius” to that harddrive had failed, to which he responded with a dumb founded look and a “huh?”. God this guy is a fucking moron. Not only that there is like 7 people in line on their electronic XP display (yes, windows XP), and this guy is the only one working. I re-explained to him in very very simple terms that the ipod was broken and the harddrive made a clicking noise. Apparently turning on the ipod and listening to the head crash into the drive platters, was too complex for him. To the mac & diagnostic software! 20 minutes latter he confirmed that it was dead (DUH YOU STUPID FUCKER). Then he did the most stunning thing ever: he asked me what the ipod “wasn’t doing”. I told him again that the drive had failed, and he said “No, what is the ipod not doing for you that your expecting”. hmm, let me see you stupid fuck… MAYBE NOT PLAYING MUSIC? OR ANY MEDIA FOR THAT MATTER? Which I explained very calmly to him, saying literally “it doesn’t play music, it freezes up”.

Ok, so we’ve established its broken, should be simple to get it replaced right? Nope. Took another 10 minutes till he got some other newb with a “genius” title to help us. The newb was also a stupid fuck and couldn’t figure out what was going wrong — once we explained and he found the paper work — we were cooking with….milk? Yea. Took about 10 minutes for him to get me a new one… and … and… Because the ipod is more than “6 months old” it costs me just over $30 for a replacement. So because Apple uses inferior hard drives (have I mentioned the 4G ipod I got many years ago failed after just 2 weeks) I have to pay $30…. Sigh. Fucks… all of them.

I’m really sorry I bought the nano now. For a while I was thinking about getting a MacIntel just so I can boot camp and XP… but I don’t think I’ll ever buy an Apple product again. After all the experiences with itunes, and ipods, and their stores…. I’m sick of their shit. I mean Microsoft is crap — but at least Microsoft doesn’t name their fucking moron tech’s “Genius”’s.