February 16, 2007

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PlanetSide & Vista

I installed PlanetSide, the game ran fine. Well, it was fine till I got into the world then it “Stopped Responding” strangeness. I found a thread on the forums with the answer. For those of you that are clicking impared. How to get PlanetSide running on Vista in a few easy steps.

Change the compatibility options to match for the following files (Find the exe > right click > properties > Compatibility )

-LaunchPad.EXE = Run under Windows 95.

-Planetside.EXE = Run under NT 4 w/ SP5, Check Disable visual themes, Disable desktop composition, disable display scaling on high DPI settings)

I’m not really sure why it works, but it seems to work. So far I haven’t had any issues and the game has run great. The one odd thing I noticed is that when the game starts, Vista seems to shunt EVERYTHING it doesn’t need to free up RAM. I only noticed this because after the game quits, the RAM drops down to as low as 200mb of usage. Cool!