August 12, 2007

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Random Fun

Today (yesterday by date stamp) was of much randomness. Lauren decided to drag me out to the Asian food store, but instead of driving, we walked. It wasn’t bad — but uphill + walking normally (versus my normal waddle) is a bit tough. Oh well, it was good for me. I think the total distance is about 2.6 miles (according to google maps for driving — close enough). We also stopped and grad lunch at a local Sushi joint. I really should write up a database of local Japanese places, with reviews. But alas, I’m lazy.

I got a few minutes of peace to myself, then I got shanghaied at about 5pm and drug out to Far’s for a BBQ. I was actually social for once, which I guess was good. After that was Sam & Gibson @ Lauren’s place. It started out slow, but it was amusing trading IT stores. Both of them work in the industry (in one way other another) so we had plenty of Luser and “ID: 10T” stories to trade.

After that was monopoly. I, as usual, embezzled money from the bank. It’s what I do. I warned em in advanced, and told them several times through out the game…. But somehow no one every caught me in the act — I guess I’m getting better at it. To be fair, I was getting more blatant twoards the end, and Lauren knew full well what I was doing the entire time (and probably saw me more than once). She’s used to me doing this, so she just steals money from me — not so say that I didn’t try to steal it back. Its the typical woman thing, you have money, and they intend on taking it from you. Oh well. The game in its entirety was amusing. Lauren actually won fair and square (well, discounting the fact that she was stealing money from me). Poor Gibson, all he wanted was hookers and booze.

We were supposed to go out to bars with Far and her crew, starting somewhere around 2100, but she never called. We ended up giving up on her. It is odd, I’ll have to call her and bug her to find out what happened. Maybe they forgot about us, we’re not “special” enough. In the mean time, I didn’t get home till 12:35. Being out and social is so strange — but it was fun. One of these days I may understand why people go out to bars, and get drunk/smashed for fun. “Happy” (a few drinks) monopoly is sooo much better.