Daily Archive: September 26, 2007

Halo: Contact Harvest 0

Halo: Contact Harvest

Ok. Any true fan of the Halo series knows that the second most awesome character, after the Master Chief, is of course… Johnson. There is going to be a book all about him! Halo: Contact Harvest is set in the Halo universe (duh!), 27 years before the events of Halo 1. It will be following Sergeant Johnson. My assumption is that this book will be canon, since it is written...

Halo 3 Review (no spoilers) 2

Halo 3 Review (no spoilers)

Yes. My disappearance the last two days worth of posts is 100% due to Halo 3. Well that isn’t completely true. Sunday & Monday were Halo 2 – I went back and replayed most of the game (didn’t get all done – I do have to work you know ^_^) just to get a feel for things again. This was probably a mistake because I got used to the Halo...