September 26, 2007

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Halo: Contact Harvest

Ok. Any true fan of the Halo series knows that the second most awesome character, after the Master Chief, is of course... Johnson. There is going to be a book all about him! _Halo: Contact Harvest_ is set in the Halo universe (duh!), 27 years before the events of Halo 1. It will be following Sergeant Johnson. My assumption is that this book will be canon, since it is written by Joseph Staten, of Bungie.

I’m betting this book is going to explain to us how Sgt Johnson got to be so kick ass!! Maybe it will even explain how the Master Chief and Sgt Johnson know each other. Please let their be Spartans!! I’ve already placed my pre-order with Amazon. Halo’y goodness, for all those that have beaten Halo 3 campaign already (like myself).