November 19, 2007

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I want to Touch


So I’m a self described tech geek. I love gadgets, always fun to play with. It seems though, I’m failing. Everyone has cooler iPods than I do now. Lauren bought an iTouch on Saturday (pictured) and I’ll admit, I’m totally jealous… I really want one, or an iPhone (what the hell, why not carry 2 smart phones, right?). I know I’ve got other tech toys, tons of them. But still… its just so damn cool.

Though I did steal off and play with it for a bit. With the exception of the keyboard being a bit strange, its cool. I can’t really fault the multi-touch interface though they dont seem to use the “multi” portion much. The tilt sensor is a little strange at first — but once you get the hang of it (flip it back and forth all of 5 times), you are golden. Sniffle…