December 23, 2007

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Nikon Speedlight SB-800

This last week I finally broke down and got a Nikon Speedlight, specifically the SB-800. Yes, it is the "pro" level light, but there are a couple reasons why I picked this light over the 400 or 600. First off, the 800 is just more powerful, and has more flexibility. Secondarily, (and importantly for "future" endeavors) it can be a commander for the Nikon Creative Lighting System. In other words, I can have an army of speed lights (like the SB-600's which are slave only) all tied to my camera. Anyways, I've taken a number of photos with it over the last week, and I'm impressed. If you plug in the "5th" battery, it recycles SOOOO damned fast. Plus, with the correct settings you can slave it off of almost any existing camera flash. Below, I've posted some examples of the SB-800 in action (click the pix for bigger versions):

In The Dark, In Front of BART — I set the SB-800 off on its own in this section of bushes. It was on auto/slave mode.

Night Illumination — Here the SB-800 was actually in the crook of a tree, behind a branch. This is on only 1/4 to 1/8 power — 1/1 power was TOO bright. It was AMAZING.

Leaves at night — Leaves in the dark. SB-800 was attached to the camera at full auto.

Hiding in the Shadows 02 — My “Artsy” self portrait (pose is stupid, I know — Thanks Lauren). I put the SB-800 behind me in slave mode on 1/16 power.