April 19, 2008

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Trip – Day 1

First off, apologies for the lack of posting. Been at the office this last week.

So on Thursday night, we (John and myself) launched ourselves into our short vacation to Oregon. We left Reno at about 11pm Thursday for an expected 9-10 hour drive. I drove the first half of the trip until we got to the Oregon border. John spent most of this time sleeping since it had already been a long day for us — we did have a full day of work. We swapped and I tried sleeping — but that didn’t go so well. Partially because I have a hard time sleeping, partially because John managed to trim at least a full 45 minutes off a 5 hour drive.

C’lee (who we are visiting) was less than pleased by our arrival at 7am, since we weren’t expected till 9 or 10. Regardless, we did have a good morning. There was food (only thing that kept us awake — we were exhausted at this point in time) and lots of playing with airsoft guns. The main problem is that we decided to play around in the garage “Testing” the guns. Of course I picked a fight and we suddenly got into a CQB (Close Quarters Battle). Needless to say that very powerful Airsoft guns + 5 feet away + no protection = Great Pain. It was god damn fun though.

Later in the day Josh met up with us and we went out to a park to play Airsoft. It was a bit windy, which made it very challenging for any distances. And without much cover (other than my attempt at king of the hill on the play structure) it was a battle royale. Unfortunately the biodegradable rounds had a tendency to jam my P90. I ran off to get the regular plastic rounds, and of course it started raining. We managed to get a little more shooting in but then there was more gun troubles. By the time we worked out all the gun troubles it had started raining really hard. We were just about to head out for another round… when we saw a cop sauntering across the park. We put down all the guns on the table and waited for him to arrive. He informed us that Airsoft wasn’t illegal, but we were disturbing the peace. He was very nice to us though. He asked for our licenses and ran our info (yes, I know, we legally didn’t have to give up our IDs, but why cause a problem — we were running around with guns after all). Before he left, he gave us a few suggestions on better places to Airsoft.

We ended up calling a day. Running around kept us awake — but doesn’t help you feel rested. We ate and got to our hotel room. John laid down and was out cold before it was even 6pm. I lasted till about 7pm. It was a good day… Long and exhausting, but a good day. We get to look forward to an 8 hour drive again on Monday. But this one will be less sleep deprived — so there will be more joy.