April 21, 2008

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Trip – Day 3

Day 3 was Sunday 4/20 — still posting a day behind. We had a fairly sedate day. We got started today a little after noon since it was Church morning (not for me — but for everyone else). Somehow we managed to waste a lot of time and get not a lot done. The major event of the day was going out to The Oregon Garden. Sadly it is still winter-ish up here so a lot of the garden wasn’t that interesting to see. On top of that we got hit by a serious hail storm just 5 minutes after we arrive (and we had less than an hour till closing). We didn’t get to spend a lot of time in the exhibits as we were trying to move rather quickly. I took a number of pictures, but I’m not really sure how they will end up. The hail certainly made things more interesting. Of course I wasn’t dressed properly as usual and I spent most of my time guarding my camera. The one thing I really wanted to see was the Frank Lloyd Wright building — but we didn’t really have the energy to stop in and see it.

The evening was spent hanging out, playing Rock Band (I suck at drums) and generally chilling. It was nice to just hang out like old times. I really miss getting to spend time with C’lee. We ended up going home early-ish so we could get a decent nights sleep before our drive. If all goes according to plan — we’ll be leaving Salem before noon and getting back to Reno/Tahoe by 8pm. John’s roommate wants to hang out — but I’m not sure yet how we’ll be feeling. At least this drive will be during the day. Of course it may also be snowing over some of our route tomorrow, which would make things more interesting. Its been snowing off and on here in Salem the last few days — lots of fun…